Most of our design ideas come from our customers. A sketch or an old photography of grandma’s necklace can be a starting point for us to create a custom design.
Today family crest rings and symbols of ever lasting friendship are leaving our workbench on a regular basis. To hear the story behind every piece and the challenge of translating our customers idea into a wearable piece of jewellery is making sure that we never run out of challenges. A crest design often has to be rebuild on our 3D program from a picture or piece of fabric. Adam and Eryn from the Hits Taranaki visited us in our studio and we have prepared a special piece of jewellery for them. Having their logo on a digital file made this job a very easy one. They wanted to know how the whole process works and once we have lit the jewellers torch was lit we let Adam taking over 😉

Watch Adam from The Hits Taranaki having a go at making jewellery: