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Welcome to our Taranaki studio- Our choice of living

New Zealand based

Our jewellery studio is located in Oakura- a beautiful small town in Taranaki. Many people seem surprised when they visit our studio for the first time, asking us why we are not operating from New Plymouth or another larger New Zealand city. We have thought about a relocation because of all the foot traffic that we must be missing out on. Many of our clients are from Auckland and Wellington, so the quiet green space that surrounds us and allows…

A ring for The Hits Taranaki using our 3D printer

Studio News, Uncategorised

Most of our design ideas come from our customers. A sketch or an old photography of grandma’s necklace can be a starting point for us to create a custom design. Today family crest rings and symbols of ever lasting friendship are leaving our workbench on a regular basis. To hear the story behind every piece and the challenge of translating our customers idea into a wearable piece of jewellery is making sure that we never run out of challenges. A…

Oakura Arts Trail

Studio News

Visitors of our lovely Taranaki beach town quickly realise that we are pretty arty bunch of people living in what must be one of the nicest beaches in New Zealand. It seems that most of the artists came in the 70-80s for the great outdoors, warm micro climate and amazing surf. Just 12 km south of New Plymouth we have a great view towards the New Plymouth sugar loaf islands and the green hills of Mt Taranaki. The first Oakura…


Jewellery projects

It is not the first time that we have worked with other materials than gold and silver. In the past, some customers have asked us to include drift wood, hair and teeth in their designs. But it will be the first time that we have to work on a life- sized plaster of a human skull. And we don’t have much time! Not even one month until our skull will be among 59 others to be auctioned off at the…

Square diamond engagement ring

Diamond Designs, Latest Wedding Rings

Buying an engagement ring is very difficult for most men. Choosing the right style that she will be wearing for hopefully the rest of her life and that matches his budget needs lots of consideration. Not just the size of the diamond is important when it comes to its cost but the way the wedding band will fit around the engagement ring. Both go side by side in New Zealand and have been a tradition most countries for centuries. The jewellery…

Kapiti coast skyline ring

Diamond Designs

One of our designs that has been developed on our computer using the newest technology in 3D printing. This process is opening up new ways how we can include customer designs and work with tight spaces for our gemstones. We are using a 3D program called Rhinogold to prepare our file to be then printed in a castable wax on-site. Also the whole casting process is done in sterling silver or gold in our separate casting room. Being able to use…

Diamond stud earrings

Diamond Designs

Diamonds are the most valuable gemstones on the planet. Formed in great depth in the Earth’s mantle they take an impressive 1billion to 3.3billion years to form. Unbreakable and an icy shine they have been the chooses gemstone of women for centuries. The value depends on the clarity and size of each diamond. We love working with white diamonds as well as unusually coloured diamonds like cognac diamonds or pink diamonds. All of the diamonds we use are from conflict…

Len Lye designs

Jewellery projects

One more reason to visit New Plymouth is our Len Lye Centre. Right in the heart of the city you will not miss the shiny facade of our newest art addition. His modern designs have been displayed in numerous countries before his collection has found its final place at the New Plymouth art gallery. The art centre that  has been build to not just feature his work but also local and international artists and has become a tourist magnet. We…

Gold nugget ring

Latest Wedding Rings

99.9% pure New Zealand gold found by our customer and transformed into this stunning engagement ring. It does not happen every day that you find a gold nugget! The transformation into a piece of jewellery was easily made. With a perfect size to go into a ring design and a square shape we created a split gold band to hold and balance out the design.   Another great project was this gold nugget found in the red desert of Australia.…

Ebony and Abalone Ring

Latest Wedding Rings

No mistakes allowed! If you choose a wooden ring design you are also faced with the problem of re-sizing. After 2 weeks of polishing and chopping away we have been left with a stunning contrast of shiny black ebony, 9ct yellow gold and one natural blue abalone pearl.