There is nothing more beautiful than a sparkling white clear diamond lightening up a new bride to be’s hand. After all these years in the jewellery industry we found there is a beauty with the unusual and the hard to get. A mainstream white diamond in an engagement ring must be colourless to be precious. Like a piece of star light, shiny solitaire diamond engagement rings are leaving  our design studio 5 times more than any other designs. While the beauty of designing one-offs we have stepped into the market of coloured (fancy) diamonds, a vibrant and fun alternative although more difficult and time consuming to source. The most well known are the pink diamonds (rose coloured). Then there are the blue diamonds, grey and green ones with a colour range from  faint to vivid. Fancy diamonds are less common than white diamonds and inquiries for a specific colour and shape can leave us hunting for days if not weeks. But the beauty of their natural inclusions and depth in colour is well worth it!

yellow diamond white diamond gold ring design ringcraft moana jewellers new zealand

(Yellow and white diamond ring design)

Brown (chocolate or cognac) diamonds can also be found on the list.  The presence of Nitrogen and light reflection cause the colour change. Our diamonds originate from the Australian Argyle mine. Cognac diamonds are one of the oldest gems, used in ancient Roman jewellery designs. They are now making an appearance in engagement rings. It is not unusual for our brides to be to come back to change the ring design and choose something different to a white round brilliant cut diamond. Diamonds with inclusions are less expensive and can add extra character and depth to a stone. Setting these stones is no different to white diamonds. The pictures below feature two of or custom designs we have done with larger cognac diamonds (up to 1.9ct). The two claw settings give the diamond a floating appearance and allows the light to travel freely through the stone for a maximum reflection.


cognac diamond floating design ringcraft moana jewellers

(Floating cognac diamond ring design in white and yellow gold)

engagement ring design using a cognac diamond two claw setting in goldtop view onto cognac diamond ring design

(Cognac diamond engagement ring design in 18ct yellow gold.)

fancy diamond cluster fashion ring design

(Fashion jewellery cluster ring design featuring a cognac diamond in the middle)

cognac diamond ring design in rub over setting

(Cognac diamond ring design in rub-over setting)