Thought about creating your own wedding bands, friendship rings or just simply a ring as a present for somebody you love?
We offer ring workshops where you can design, together with our goldsmith, a simple band in sterling silver, yellow, white or rose gold.

You will be guided through the whole process of rolling out the metal, joining a ring and texturing it to your desired finish.
Sounds complicated and scary? It really is not, joining a ring is one of the basic skills to become a goldsmith and we have done that a hundred times so you are in safe hands!
You will work in 9ct white, yellow, rose gold or sterling silver. Platinum and titanium is not available in these classes.

Our goldsmith Rob has 45 years of bench experience and will make sure that you are on the right track.
Starting with a workout: rolling and stretching of the metal to reach the correct thickness on our gold mill.
Step2 bending the metal around our mandrill to create a round shape.
Step3 cutting off the access metal with our jewellers saw and filing of a straight edge.
Step4 the most exiting bit , the fusing of both ring edges to join your ring is done with our jewellers torch.
Step5 your ring will look more like an egg at this point, let Rob show you how to get a perfect circle in your correct ring size.
Step6 your last workout is the cleaning up of your design, rough edges and burned black metal need to be transformed into shiny, brushed or textured surfaces.

Great couple bonding activity and it will not take long, 60 to 90 min tops and you walk out with something beautiful that you have created.

We had Emma from “The Hits” Taranaki joining us to create a sterling silver ring.

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