Diamonds and memories are forever. And very special are the memories of your loved ones.

We are partners with “heart in diamonds” and can help you in the process of choosing the right diamond. As manufacturing jewellers we will design a piece of jewellery that is holding your diamond securely in place for you to wear every day.

Having the ashes or hair of your loved ones turned into a diamond is a thought that divides the crowds. We were the same at first.. the option of having a red small diamond created out of the fur of my ginger cat (that is loved and too spoiled) has tilted our view a bit.

From a jewellers point of view we have been working with synthetic and real diamonds for over 45 years now. The main source of both is carbon. Carbon that can be found in trees, bread and yes humans. Used for the industry in many ways, synthetic diamonds are grown in laboratories for many years.

The more we talked to Kara, the more the idea grew on us that a special piece of jewellery will be with you every day and a diamond can make you feel closer to a loved one.

And it is not just the ashes but hair on its own that can be used to grow a diamond. There are different colours, shapes and carats to choose from. 20g of hair or ashes is used in general and you are looking at a time frame of approximately 100days.

The sending process is taken care of by our agent here in New Zealand: Kara Northcott or can be done by yourself through their website.

Read about Kara on the Stuff website here.

To see how the process works please click here

For more information about the process of growing your synthetic diamond please contact us.

We have some examples in our studio at Ringcraft Moana for you to have a look at as well.

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