One of our designs that has been developed on our computer using the newest technology in 3D printing. This process is opening up new ways how we can include customer designs and work with tight spaces for our gemstones. We are using a 3D program called Rhinogold to prepare our file to be then printed in a castable wax on-site. Also the whole casting process is done in sterling silver or gold in our separate casting room. Being able to use a photography or painting as a pattern for a ring design is pretty amazing. We load a hand drawn sketch into our program for our jeweller to discuss the stone settings and materials we would like to use for our customers. Our way of thinking and approaching a problem has changed since then as well. For example if we would like to fuse together two different types of materials into one design.  The 3d print has to be split into two different castings taking into consideration any gaps and available joining points.

Overall exciting new grounds for our goldsmith of 40 years who is also using the 3D program to try out design ideas before introducing them to the customer.


About this design:

The Kapiti coast skyline

Diamonds are set and metal has been textured by hand.

Material used: Sterling silver

Time: 3hr design, setting stones and texturing of ring. Done by jeweller Rob Wright, Oakura

Gemstones: White round brilliant cut diamonds

Approximate price $400 (Please contact us with your ring size for a quote)


silver ring with diamonds modern design