One more reason to visit New Plymouth is our Len Lye Centre. Right in the heart of the city you will not miss the shiny facade of our newest art addition.

His modern designs have been displayed in numerous countries before his collection has found its final place at the New Plymouth art gallery. The art centre that  has been build to not just feature his work but also local and international artists and has become a tourist magnet. We watched the build of the gallery space, how panel after panel of steel has been lifted into place to create a smooth surface at the end. The outside facade is creating an illusion of reflection and movement. Some would say it looks like a curtain while we think it is simulating melted silver with its reflection.

We have designed a couple of jewellery pieces to go with the designs of Len Lye.

Rob has translated the “Wind Wand” into a ring, bracelet and earring design. One of Len Lye’s most iconic statues towering over the New Plymouth walkway. Also “Magneto” was an inspiration and we are planning the next designs already. The biggest influence was the facade and the most fun part to design.

len lye centre brooch silver

click here to access the Len Lye Shop.

Most of these designs can just be purchased at the Len Lye Centre. For opening hours and other information please visit their homepage.