At Ringcraft Moana we are using a wide assortment of jewels, including diamonds, sapphires as well as pearls to complete our designs. Our jewellery is designed and handcrafted in our studio. Every piece will therefore vary in size and colour. When we design a one-off piece for you it will be unique and personal.

Jewellery that has not been worn for years can be redesigned into a sparkly new piece. A free quote and sketch can be done while you wait including your own design ideas.

We can also transform your company logo into a beautiful corporate gift. Design ideas for your next project can be done in house using our 3D printer.

Optional from visiting our studio you can send your jewellery to us for repair.  For more information and to discuss your case please contact us.

Team Ringcraft Moana

Rob Wright owner and head jeweller of Ringcraft Moana

With his 40 years of experience as a manufacturing jeweller he can give you the right advice when it comes to choosing a design. Having your lifestyle in mind, he will also make sure that your design is tested on its wearability.

Belinda Lubkoll Marketing manager of Ringcraft Moana

Originally from Berlin, New Zealand has become her second home. Working in advertising agencies and with artists in both countries for the past 10 years  she is Rob’s right- hand woman.

Do you have some jewellery stored in your draw that you don’t wear anymore? We can use your jewellery to create something new for you. All of our repair work is done on site using your own gold.

Feel free to contact us and share your ideas. We are happy to to help and discuss your options.

Are you missing a gemstone or is your ring the wrong fit? A broken claw is not just catching on your clothes but you are one step away from loosing your diamond. Let us have a look at it and if you should have already lost the diamond don’t worry, we can give you a replacement quote.

Or you might have inherited some beautiful pieces that have found their last resting place in your jewellery box? Old pearl necklaces can be turned into earrings and gold pendants or brooches into modern ring designs.

phone: 06 7527772