It is not the first time that we have worked with other materials than gold and silver. In the past, some customers have asked us to include drift wood, hair and teeth in their designs.

But it will be the first time that we have to work on a life- sized plaster of a human skull. And we don’t have much time! Not even one month until our skull will be among 59 others to be auctioned off at the “Great NZ Craft Show” in New Plymouth. We have just met art loving organizer Jakkii Goody to talk about the possibility to display our Mt Taranaki titanium pendants.

Her concept and vision for our arts community have made the decision easy. It will be a big event this year and certainly we want to be part of it!

Now back to the skull! Sitting on our work desk we have started to hoard material around it, gold, gemstones, tools…It is a big surface to cover, lots of bends, even and uneven surfaces.

“Yorick” (by now we decided it is male and temporarily part of our team) is watching, reminding us that we can’t take it all with us anyway… the first step towards a concept!

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skull from skulltopia new zealand gold and diamonds

skulltopia new zealand gold skull