Photographer: Sandra Henderson
Model: Julia Crigthon (Miss Taranaki 2018)
Hair & Makeup: HAZEL studio by Jenna Bellve
Location: Oakura (Thank you Kristina)

Our yearly photo shoot with Miss Taranaki is one of our highlights of our year. We don’t just get images to work with for the rest of the year but Miss Taranaki will become the face of Ringcraft Moana in every print and online campaign. Two to six hours is the time frame to shoot our summer collection that we have been working on for one year. Sitting in the audience of every Miss Taranaki final night, we are excited to see who we will be designing for for the year. Hair, eye colour, skin tone and physique are all important aspects when designing jewellery. When Julia won, we knew that a fresh collection of clear, light colours and modern designs would be our set target. A flower collection designed using our 3d design program and handset topaz, citrine and canary zirconia was developed throughout the year. The 12 Claw Rib Ring Design with a set sun yellow citrine and a blue topaz has been added to this years summer collection too. The Te Rewa Rewa bridge inspired design has been redeveloped with a modern cut onyx.

Shooting jewellery is one of the most difficult tasks, getting everything into focus and the jewellery sitting in the right angle to reflect the light while concentrating on the overall expression of the picture. The model has a lot to think about as well. Keeping the pose, hands and arms in the right position so it can be cropped later to zoom into the picture.She was also told to be relaxed holding a 600kg horse on a lead while looking natural and beautiful, all while keeping the jewellery at the right angle. With little contact with horses in her life before, Julia has done a fantastic job!
Being a real Oakura girl, our Miss Taranaki stepped out into the paddock with Gemma, confident and radiant, just like our jewellery that day.