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Studio Makeover

Studio News, Uncategorised

It was time for a tidy up of our store front for some time. The old zeder wood has seen a couple of rainy winters now and also it looked very rustic it had to go! Glad we have a great builder among our friends and Chris was working in pouring rain to stick to his work schedule and therefore reduce the work noise for our customers. Our 3m entrance door has also been taken down to a standard sized…

Diamond stud earrings

Diamond Designs

Diamonds are the most valuable gemstones on the planet. Formed in great depth in the Earth’s mantle they take an impressive 1billion to 3.3billion years to form. Unbreakable and an icy shine they have been the chooses gemstone of women for centuries. The value depends on the clarity and size of each diamond. We love working with white diamonds as well as unusually coloured diamonds like cognac diamonds or pink diamonds. All of the diamonds we use are from conflict…